Farewell to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

We mourn the passing of our Lifetime Director and beloved friend Carrie Fisher, who died Wednesday December 28 at the age of sixty.

Tragically, her adored mother, the iconic actor Debbie Reynolds, died the following day, undoubtedly of heartbreak.

Carrie Fisher's warrior spirit inspired us to take on scientific challenges just as she took on the challenges of a celebrity family, mental illness, performance on screen and stage, and on the page. 

By writing and performing her struggles, always with her inimitable wit and generosity of spirit, she made it possible for us to be more open about the dark secrets we all share.

Carrie Fisher and Hereditary Disease Foundation founder Milton Wexler were writing pals. She brought drafts of her memoir "Wishful Drinking" to read aloud to him. They laughed together a lot. During his last illness in the hospital, she visited several times, kneeling down beside his hospital bed to whisper, "I love you Milton" into his ear. When he died, she opened her home for a beautiful memorial, attended by friends and supporters of the Hereditary Disease Foundation who were also friends of Carrie's including Berta and Frank Gehry, Quincy Jones, Jennifer Jones, Herbert Pardes, John Mazziotta and Anne Young among many others.

Carrie Fisher was extremely close to her mother, who lived next door to her.   Many who attended Dad's memorial recall Debbie Reynolds - one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood - standing in a red dress at the door at the end of the ceremony. As people were leaving, she introduced herself and shook hands with each one, saying "Thank you for coming. I'm Carrie Fisher's mother."

Farewell to two awesome, courageous, brilliant women of enormous grace and spirit. We miss you both.

To Billie Lourd, Todd Fisher, Joelle Fisher, and other family members whose lives have been fractured by these two unimaginable losses, our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow.