Funding the Future

The Hereditary Disease Foundation wishes to celebrate our 50th birthday by making even more of an impact to develop novel therapeutics and cures. We are putting in place strategies and new grant funding programs to maximize our effectiveness. We have been funding catalytic and paradigm-changing research since our birth – including identifying the Huntington’s disease marker in 1983 and the HD gene in 1993, and supporting gene silencing approaches since 2002. We want to continue to make an impact by funding research that pushes the envelope. 

The Hereditary Disease Foundation provides funding for research that advances the discovery and development of treatments for Huntington’s disease and other brain disorders. We are passionate about finding and funding the most innovative, creative and paradigm-changing research possible. The data generated with HDF funding often allows researchers to get initial findings that help them apply successfully for larger, long-term funding from other funding agencies, including the National Institutes of Health. 

The Foundation’s current focus is on 1) modifier studies - on DNA repair pathways, protein degradation and other modifiers of phenotype and age of onset; 2) mechanisms of HD neurodegeneration; 3) biomarkers of disease progression; and 4) therapy for HD-induced neurodegeneration.

Types of Funding

The Basic Research Grants Program: Supports projects contributing to identifying and understanding the fundamental defects in Huntington’s disease.

Postdoctoral Fellowships: These postdoctoral fellowships are intended to  cultivate interest in Huntington’s disease research by bright young scientists. Fellowships are granted to those who possess imagination, rigor, creativity and spirit to push forward toward a cure for HD and ensure that these discoveries can be applied to other brain diseases.

Apply for Funding

The Hereditary Disease Foundation is currently accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) for Grants and Postdoctoral Fellowships – see application form below. The HDF provides funding for research that advances the discovery and development of treatments and a cure for Huntington’s disease and other brain diseases.

The process of applying for funding for either the Basic Research Grants Program or the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program starts with an applicant’s submission of a Letter of Intent. Use the form below to submit a Letter of Intent to the Hereditary Disease Foundation.

Please read before proceeding: The HDF funds research grants and postdoctoral fellowships at the post-graduate level. HDF grant and fellowship applicants must present a specific research plan.

The Foundation funds applications for Grants and Postdoctoral Fellowships for researchers working in laboratories around the world.

  • Grants are up to $75,000 for one year for salary, supplies, equipment and benefits. WE DO NOT PAY INDIRECTS (F&A).

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: We will provide salary support based on the NIH Guidelines - - PER YEAR for the two years.  We will provide additional funding up to $10,000 per year for supplies, equipment and benefits. WE DO NOT PAY INDIRECTS (F&A). Please include amount for Year 1 and Year 2 along with combined Total for both years. Fellowships are for two years.

The HDF gives highest priority to providing funding to investigators enthusiastic about launching a career in Huntington's disease research. These include postdoctoral fellows, instructors and new assistant professors.

The postdoctoral fellowship applicant’s mentor must agree in advance to direct the proposed research. The Foundation cannot arrange laboratories and mentors for applicants.

Upon receipt, Letters of Intent are sent to our committee for initial review. If an applicant’s letter is accepted, a request for a full application will be sent. 

Key dates

Deadline for Submission of Letters of Intent



Application Deadline

April 15 (BY 11:59 PM ET)


Scientific Merit Review

June 1


Funding Decision

July 1


Earliest Start Date

August 1


Thank you for your interest in the Hereditary Disease Foundation.

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